Gold Consulting, Inc.

EXPERTISE: Key Comparable Advantages

Gold Consulting works with different types of investment managers, ranging from emerging managers with a single product to global, multi-product firms. Clients of Gold Consulting have said that, in relation to the competition, Gold Consulting has these distinguishing characteristics:

  • Recent Fund Sponsor Consulting Background:  Thorough grasp of how and why fund sponsors make manager hiring decisions
  • Investment Knowledge:  Deep understanding of investment theory and practice
  • Insights About Successful Communicators:  Acute awareness of successful communication techniques
Consulting Background Investment Knowledge Communication Insights
Understands what is important to fund sponsors Student of the capital markets since the 1970s Seen fund sponsors react (favorably and unfavorably) to the finals presentations made by hundreds of managers
Frequently taught the Manager Search session at the “Callan College” Intimately familiar with all of the asset classes in which institutional investors invest Read more than 1,000 presentation books
Participated in more than 1,000 manager searches as a member of Callan’s Manager Search Committee Conducted more than 1,000 investment manager due-diligence visits Learned techniques for “connecting” with prospects, and learned the common communication mistakes