Gold Consulting, Inc.

CONSULTING SERVICES: Business Development

Winning new clients in the institutional investment management industry is done one client at a time. Managers win only when they beat all of their best competitors in a manager-search project. Although some managers sometimes win new clients based mostly on their historical performance, most successful managers win new clients because they have competitive historical returns and a comparable advantage with the key decision-makers at the prospect’s organization and the prospect’s consultant.

Two powerful ways to develop a comparable advantage are to prepare compelling written materials and to deliver persuasive presentations. In an extremely competitive marketplace, this means investment managers must be brilliant at every point of contact with prospects, clients and consultants.

Examples of Specific Business-Development Consulting Services
  • Finals Presentation Training (group work-shop sessions)
  • Finals Presentation Coaching (video sessions with presenters)
  • Reviewing Existing Finals Presentation Materials
  • Creating New Finals Presentation Materials
  • RFP Training (on-site with RFP preparers)

Benefits to Investment Managers
  1. Your written finals presentation materials will be better focused on each prospect’s goals and objectives
  2. Your written materials will more effectively support the case for hiring your firm
  3. The individuals who make finals presentations will improve their presentation skills, thereby increasing your “win ratio” (and revenue)
  4. The individuals who prepare RFP responses will learn tips and techniques for preparing responses that impress your prospects’ RFP reviewers—you’ll get into more finals
  5. Your written sales materials and face-to-face presentations will carry a clear and consistent message to the marketplace