Gold Consulting, Inc.


It is important for investment managers to develop a strong client-service strategy. Although good performance tends to lead to client satisfaction, good returns aren’t enough. In today’s environment, clients are fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities by demanding more from their investment managers. Clients want timely and useful information, where “usefulness” is measured in terms of client satisfaction. They also want a strategic relationship, where they can turn to their investment managers for assistance in areas outside the scope of the relationship, such as trustee education.

First-rate client servicing builds deeper relationships, which can lead to cross-selling opportunities, particularly when times are good. First-rate client servicing can help managers hold onto their clients during periods when performance is relatively weak.

Examples of Specific Client-Servicing Consulting Services
  • Reviewing Existing Client-Servicing Program and Strategy
  • Reviewing Existing Quarterly Client Reports
  • Creating New Quarterly Client Reports
  • Reviewing/Creating Other Materials (e.g., monthly client reports and strategy updates)
  • Developing Quarterly Client Meeting Agendas
  • Presentation Training (group work-shop format with client-servicing professionals)
  • Presentation Coaching (video sessions)

Benefits to Investment Managers
  1. Your client-servicing materials will be better focused on each client’s needs for information
  2. Your materials will more effectively support the case for continuing to retain your firm
  3. The individuals who meet with clients will improve their presentation skills and meeting agendas, resulting in clients who would agree they spend their time wisely when meeting with you
  4. Having a strong client-servicing strategy will help distinguish you from your competitors, which can be helpful to your new-business efforts
  5. The consistent application of a strong client-service strategy leads to longer-lasting relationships (and revenue)