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CONSULTING SERVICES: Consultant Relations

Although some managers win the majority of their new business by calling directly on prospects, most managers need to devote much of their sales effort to the consultants who are active conducting manager searches. Investment managers must effectively market their firms and their strategies to the consultants by developing and implementing a multi-year, cumulative sales campaign.

Consultants are important beyond their role in the business-development process. A successful client-servicing strategy acknowledges the importance of communicating effectively with consultants. Ensuring that a client’s consultant is “up to date” is just as critical as ensuring that the client is up to date.

Examples of Specific Consultant-Relations Consulting Services
  • Reviewing Existing Consultant-Relations Program and Strategy
  • Reviewing/Preparing Written Communications (e.g., consultant updates)
  • Reviewing/Preparing Meeting Materials and Agendas
  • Presentation Training (group work-shop format)
  • Presentation Coaching (video sessions)

Benefits to Investment Managers
  1. Your presentation materials will be better focused on matters of interest to consultants
  2. Your materials will more effectively support the case for including your firm in searches
  3. The individuals who meet with consultants will improve their presentation skills and meeting agendas, which will have a positive impact on consultants
  4. The individuals who meet with consultants will learn tips and techniques for establishing successful relationships with consultants
  5. Your written materials and face-to-face presentations will carry a clear and consistent message to the consulting community