Gold Consulting, Inc.

WAYS TO RETAIN THE FIRM: Retainer Consulting

Clients of Gold Consulting have flexibility regarding the manner in which they can
engage the firm:

Retainer Consulting
Under a retainer relationship, Gold Consulting is at your beck and call to provide communication consulting services on an annual basis. The nature and scope of each retainer relationship is a function of each client’s particular needs. The scope of services typically would address five service elements:
  1. Development of annual work plan—identify the “mission critical” initiatives to pursue during the next 12 months
  2. Attendance at four regularly scheduled meetings per year—to review the prior quarter’s investment performance and prepare the quarterly commentary to be sent to clients, prospects and consultants; to discuss matters of interest, and/or conduct presentation training and coaching
  3. Attendance at ad-hoc meetings—for example, to conduct prospect-specific presentation training for an up-and-coming finals presentation
  4. Telephone availability—to ask questions, discuss ideas, or seek opinions regarding matters of interest
  5. General research and support—in response to routine inquiries, clients receive a level of research and analysis that adequately supports their needs