Gold Consulting, Inc.

CONSULTING SERVICES: Strategic Consulting

Gold Consulting assists senior executives at investment organizations by providing unbiased assessments of their strategies for building their institutional business. Some managers experience periods where they receive a “push back” from the marketplace for one reason or another, such as: “You’re too small.” “You’re too big.” “You’re going through an ownership change—come back and see us in a year.” “That’s a new product for you…come back with a three-year track record.”

Gold Consulting meets with senior executives—on-site or at a manager’s senior executive “retreat”—to review and discuss previously agreed-upon agenda items and to provide observations and recommendations regarding matters such as these:

  1. Overall business plan for gaining institutional clients
  2. Positioning of products in the institutional marketplace
  3. Current “messaging” (e.g., website, presentation books, and other sales materials)
  4. Marketing and sales process
  5. Sales presentation (video session)
  6. Ways to improve your success in the institutional marketplace